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A Bit About Yoga: Grounding During Busy Times

A Bit About Yoga: Grounding During Busy Times

You may have heard your yoga teacher speak about feeling grounded during yoga practice. What does grounding mean, and how can you achieve this with various yoga poses? We can ground ourselves by directing energy and focus into our centre, our deep belly – this balances all the time and energy we usually give to our overactive minds. The benefits are a break from our racing thoughts, as well as building resilience, energy stores and patience levels – sounds like just what we need for the busy holiday season, right?

Here are three easy ways to feel grounded:

  • Breathe: Grounding can be as simple as a deep belly breath in, and a slow releasing exhale. Didn’t that feel good? So good we should do it again!
  • Seated poses: Feel your sit bones pressing into the mat and feel grounded here, even as the spine lengthens away from the ground. Generally many of the restorative or yin poses that feature long holds are grounding, especially when you focus on consciously releasing any tension.
  • Standing Poses: For standing poses, focus on your body’s connection with the floor and imagine energy travelling up from the earth into your core. Feel unshakeable, like a tree with deep roots. You can imagine drawing the energy in with your inhale and storing the energy in the belly with the exhale.

If you start to feel overwhelmed or like your mind is racing, you could benefit from these grounding practices. Give them a try this holiday season!