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Class Descriptions


A strong form of yoga which is aimed at creating inner heat. Through the synchronization of breathing and movement and the repeated Asana sequences, the body can reach a state of meditation and inner calm and concentration.

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Gentle Flow

Slow down in body and breath to tap into the most subtle openings and release. Slow flow classes invite practitioners to feel every part of the movement, align intelligently, and work with longer holds between flowing transitions.

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Happy Hips

Your hips will thank you after this end-of-the-week stretch and restore style class, inspired by Ann Green at Bliss. This class is mostly floor based, with lots of room for modifications, making it accessible to everybody!

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Joga is a movement system made up of the benefits of yoga combined with the biomechanics of sport, created specifically for the athletes body and mindset. Joga enhances athletic performance, improves concentration, decreases recovery time and will transform your game.
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Karma Express

This 45-minute Gentle Flow class is an all levels class which is sure to leave you feeling fantastic and ready to go back to work, or to start your weekend off early! This is a karma class, with proceeds going to Orangeville’s Family Transition Place (FTP). Suggested donation is $5. For more information on FTP please visit: http://familytransitionplace.ca/about/

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Give yourself the opportunity to clear your mind. Whether it be seated, guided, moving or mantra – meditation will leave you feeling calm, and fresh!

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Power Vinyasa

This class takes you through a series of poses, accompanied by breath. Movement and breath combined will improve focus, build strength and get your heart pumping.

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Prenatal Flow

This prenatal class is designed for pregnant moms of all stages. Create space in your body so that you can alleviate back pain, reduce tightness and tension, and minimize other pregnancy discomforts such as low energy, swelling and nausea. Work on strength and flexibility so that you’ll stay healthy and balanced during your pregnancy.

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Somatic Healing

A Somatic Movement Class is truly transformational for people who are fed-up with feeling achey, tight, old, disgruntled, limited, and who feel that areas of their body have forsaken them. Although these movements are slow and gentle they are still very challenging and life changing. Be prepared for vibrant, actual bonafide shifts and epiphanies in your yoga practice, and they way you move in life. This may be the very class you have been waiting for and ideal for everyone!

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Stretch + Restore

Nourish your body with the rest and release its craving! Enjoy working through tense areas, while the mind transforms through guided meditation. Your body, mind, and soul will flow into harmony.

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Yin Yoga is a powerful practice that targets tendons, ligaments & fascia within the body. The benefits of a Yin practice are to increase or maintain mobility in your joints, increase your mental focus & improve the flow of energy in your body. Expect long holds in deep, supported postures..

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Yoga on the Lake

Join GoYoga this summer for the ultimate outdoor yoga experience!
Gentle flow classes will be held on the Island Lake Dock, surrounded by water, trees and the natural beauty of Orangeville’s Conservation. Each class will be suitable for all levels! See you in the fresh air, rain or shine!

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