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Donation Drop-in Thursdays

At GoYoga, we want people to Go to Yoga—the action of moving towards something positive, such as a regular yoga practice, more mindfulness, self-care, and the overall sense of community that it all brings, is a very good thing for everyone.


We believe the world will be a happier place when EVERYONE goes to yoga. In the spirit of love, generosity, and enthusiasm for all the goodness that yoga delivers, we are declaring Thursdays Donation Drop-in Day.


This means you can come to any regularly scheduled Thursday adult class on our schedule and pay what you can afford. This offer is available to everyone. It’s that simple.


We have people who can pay $2, and people who can pay $20. No amount will be turned away. We believe the world is filled with abundance, and we know our community is open to sharing and supporting each other.


If you can afford to pay for your GoYoga membership or class pass, we thank you. Through your support, we are able to pay our teachers and the people who work so hard every day to keep us GO-ing. We truly appreciate you…we wish you abundance and joy. You are making it possible for everyone to come to yoga, lead healthier lives, and move towards growth and positivity. This sense of support and community is something that lifts us all up, either through the giving or receiving.


Everyone wins.


Sound good? Let’s get started! Please check out our schedule and come by the studio—we can’t wait to see where you’ll GO today!