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May – Pose of the Month: Mountain

May – Pose of the Month: Mountain

Mountain or “Tadasana” is the foundation for every pose.

Begin at the top of your mat with the outer edges of your feet parallel. Start to imagine the heels and balls of your feet rooting down into the mat while evenly distributing your weight. Have your arms rest by your sides with the palms facing forward, in an open gesture.

Have your legs become strong.

Feel your pubic bone move upward toward your chin to encourage strength in the low belly and along the spine. Draw your low ribs in and lift your heart a little higher as you roll your shoulder back and feel them slide down and away from the ears.

Reach through the crown of the head, elongating the back of the neck.

Soften your eyes and jaw, and smooth the skin on the face. Breathe here for at least three deep breaths.