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New Clients and FAQ

Shelley & Taylor

The gifts that yoga and wellness have to offer should be readily shared, and we want everyone who enters our studio to feel welcome, safe and inspired.

Here are a few helpful tips:
Yoga is a practice. This practice is unique to each person, and should be approached as such. Feel free to modify any pose to suit your body; not all bodies are alike. Our instructors will offer suggestions on how to modify a pose to suit your body. You will be amazed at how your strength and flexibility grows when you keep showing up on the mat. GoYoga’s role is to support you in this journey.

The studio will be open 30 minutes before and after each class. It is our hope that you will arrive early and linger after the class in order to savour our lovely studio, drink some tea, shop in our sweet boutique, and get to know your fellow yogis. Of course, you are also welcome to slip in at the last minute—we’ll be happy to see you!

Be sure to wear comfortable, stretchable clothing. Remove your shoes at the door. It is sometimes helpful to bring a small towel and water, depending on the type of class you are attending.

Your feedback is appreciated. Let us know if you have any ideas!


GoYoga FAQ

Where should I park?

GoYoga is located on Broadway, which has public parking. There is also a free parking lot across the road behind the Salvation Army!

What do I bring/wear?

Dress comfortably in clothing that allows you to move. We also suggest dressing in layers so you can cool down or warm up according to your needs. No need for shoes! Yoga is practiced in bare feet.

Bring a water bottle and, if you have a mat, we encourage you to bring that as well. All the other props you may need for class are provided in the studios.

Which classes are good for beginners?

We have designed a 4-week program called “The Beginner Series” for anyone looking to ease in and learn the basics of yoga.

We also have lots of regular scheduled classes that are suitable for beginners! Stretch + Restore, Happy Hips, Reiki restore, and Gentle Flow are all good options.

What if I can’t touch my toes?

This is the question we get asked the most. Can’t touch your toes? Who cares! Yoga is an ongoing practice of breath. Touching your toes may come in time, but breath is forever.

How often should I practice yoga?

We encourage everyone to try coming 2 times a week. If you can come more, great!!

What if I’m late, even by only a minute?

We have a strict policy for starting and ending classes on time. If you are late, you will not be let into class to prevent disturbing your fellow yogis. Please always arrive early and plan time for possible traffic, parking, snowy roads, etc.

Can I bring my kids?

If you are 14+ feel free to come on your own. Anyone ages 12 or 13 can come accompanied by a parent. Keep your eyes peeled for GoYoga Camps for children ages 5-9.

Can I share my class passes with others?

Class passes are for individual use only. We do have a drop-in option if you plan to bring a guest.

Am I coming enough to get a monthly ongoing pass?

We have designed the monthly unlimited membership for those who are coming to classes consistently 2 times/week. Our class packages are designed for anyone coming less than that.