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I was first introduced to yoga through anxiety and panic attacks. Although the journey was sometimes scary, I am extremely grateful as this discomfort is what led me to my greatest passion -Yoga. Through compassion, my goal is to help turn feelings of uncertainty into creativity for others who suffer from life imbalances. When we use our anxious energy in a creative way, it leads us to authentic self-expression and when we express ourselves truthfully, we find peace.

Through the discovery of transforming discomfort into art, I taught many different styles of yoga. Vinyasa came the most natural. The movement in vinyasa truly embodies the freedom to explore ourselves on a deeper level, through rhythm, connection and breath.

My love for vinyasa has led me to trainings with Ann Green and Shiva Rea in Prana Danda, Trance Dance, and Elemental Vinyasa. These are all examples of becoming one with movement and the vibrations of the people and earth around us. I try my best to express this unity not only through my teachings but also through cultural arts, jewelry, essential oil blends, and reiki.

I hope the elements of our classes together leave you not only peaceful but open, connected, grounded, supported and lighthearted. Most of all, I hope it inspires your energy to change in the direction of authentic self-expression.


As an entrepreneur and business owner, I have had the opportunity to travel and in my leisure time, experience yoga in many different parts of the world. Yoga has always been a touchstone for me, and has been important in my own quest for mental and physical wellbeing. GoYoga is my offering to you of the best the yoga world has to offer. We will be highlighting yoga events in the community of Orangeville and beyond, and will be sharing the experiences and products that I collect in my travels.

See you at yoga!


I began practising yoga in 2006 and immediately fell in love with the feeling of calm, peace, and just being at home within myself. As a mother of 4, it has become a way to drop in and reconnect with myself. Observing the changes, both mentally and physically, on
and off the mat, I knew I was ready to go deeper with my practice.

I completed my YTT200 in 2008 at 5 Elements Yoga and Pilates in Brampton with Michelle Cormack. I have continued my learning through workshops in Vinyasa Flow, Power, Yin Ashtanga Vinyasa, Pre and Postnatal yoga under the teachings of Bryan Kest, Hart Lazer, Maria Garre, David Swenson, Danny Paradise, Sarah Powers and Rod Stryker. In 2014 I participated in a 40 hour immersion with David Robson of the Ashtanga Yoga Center of Toronto.

Every teacher has brought a new element to my practice, and I am grateful for each of them. Yoga is a constant journey of self discovery and growth. As I continue to learn and grow within my own practice, it is my intention to share and help others with theirs.

In 2015, I completed my training for Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) yoga with Stand Up Paddle Vancouver and began classes through my new SUP Yoga business, Robot Surfer. I look forward to offering these classes to the GoYoga yogis this summer.


Natasha came by her therapeutic yoga training long ago. When she was a young girl, her yogi babysitter used to bring her Hindu mythology comic books and would share many epic heroic stories. This made such an everlasting impression on the importance of making a difference for the good in people’s lives and circumstances.

Professionally Natasha was an adept buyer for a Reverse Engineering company. For over ten years now, instead of semiconductors, Natasha adeptly reverse engineers people’s biomechanics and their mythology around their mobility, stability and healing.

She has embodied and coined the phrase “ease is possible and life changing”, and anyone that meets, or works with her understands that it is undeniably so.

She is best for working with people of all abilities, for learning more and always sharing what she knows. Natasha is in the midst of an intensive 3-year training to become a Clinical Somatic Educator and Practitioner in order to offer our incredible community much more.

Namaste and Please Know that Ease is Possible and Life Changing,



Janice is a former fitness instructor turned yoga and pilates teacher. Once she discovered the peace and strength of the two, there was no turning back. Janice has her 200-hr, Yin and Restorative Yoga certifications and enjoys the creative side of vinyasa, long, releasing stretches and the challenge of a great core session (and chocolate…always chocolate). She loves practicing indoors, outdoors, by lakes, on rocks, in forests, and nestled in gorgeous, serene studios like the one at GoYoga. Janice lives in Orangeville with her blended family of 7 and dog Oscar.


Alex began practicing yoga as a means of physical fitness after leaving the competitive dance world. She quickly learned that yoga is so much more than just a physical practice and was eager to learn more. Alex traveled to the “World Capital of Yoga” in Rishikesh, India to study the traditional practice, along with meditation, philosophy and pranayama, here she attained her 200 hour RYT training. Trained in Vinyasa, Alex is also very passionate about learning and incorporating many forms of yoga in her teaching including Yin and Ashtanga.

Off the mat, Alex is a special needs teacher, beginning to enrich the lives of the students she supports by bringing yoga into the classroom.

Her passions also include, traveling, family, spending time in the kitchen and being outside exploring nature.


Christina is GoYoga’s very own and talented graphic designer! You can see her work on our many posters and on-line advertisements. Her impeccable eye for detail and great style sense make all the difference in how we express ourselves! Christina is also a dedicated yogi who works as a print specialist by day. We are happy to have her as part of our team.


Alice found yoga in a tree fort in Nicaragua when she was 17 years old. She has practiced many forms of yoga and recently completed her 200 hours in Ashtanga with concentrations in Hatha and Yoga Nidra at Upaya Yoga School in India.

Alice integrates Eastern philosophy and culture into her practice. She loves energizing her classes with essential oils, ayurvedic massage and music -everything from traditional Indian chants to acoustic covers. When she is not on her mat, she is studying Education at Bishop’s University, backpacking around the world, spending time at her cottage, and skiing.

She invites you to come grow, play and collaborate with her on the mat!


Felicia received her Yoga Teacher registration at Freedom Yoga Canada.  Yoga has influenced a dramatic alteration in Felicia’s life, especially with anger management.  Through yoga, Felicia has learned detachment and to stimulate her body and mind in a healthy way.

She’s become aware that our life leaves a mark on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state, and that we have the capability to re-shape ourselves. As a yoga teacher, Felecia aims to be a therapeutic support on both a mental and physical level. She also plans to acquire more registrations affiliated with yoga so that she can expand her services.


Sarah Ryan has been sharing yoga and spiritual teachings with others for the past 6 years and specializes in Kundalini Yoga and Shamanic Healing.  It is her passion to support others through their own healing process and help them to discover their deepest spiritual truths. She uses yoga as a tool to expand her self-awareness and connect to the infinite that exists within us all.  Being someone who had a hard time grounding in to her body, it also helped her to create a mind, body and spirit connection. By day she works with children, keeping her own inner child alive, and by evening she teaches, studies and lets her faery spirit play.


Shawna has always had a love for the human body and movement. An athlete her whole life, she then pursued kinesiology in university and then furthered her education with an athletic therapy degree. She then discovered her love for yoga as she was rehabbing a back injury. With this new found passion, she took the leap and got her 200h in Guatemala where her sister teaches. She loves combining her love for yoga and sports rehabilitation into her practices. She hopes to see you on your mat!


In 2006, Nicole’s journey on the mat started off as a “new year resolution workout”. Soon after, she realized yoga is not just a form of exercise, but an incredible journey connecting the mind, body and soul.  Yoga became her life-time practice, with so much to learn and explore. After years of dedicated practice, she went for her first 200-hour yoga teacher’s certificate in 2013. Since then she has been actively teaching, and continuously taking different trainings, specifically focused on Yin yoga and restorative yoga. Nicole is also a Reiki practitioner and a certified Thai yoga massage practitioner, trained in Toronto and Thailand. With over 1000 hours of training in various modalities, she develops her own unique approach of teaching. You might find her walking around the class doing hands-on adjustments, or giving someone a bit of massage with a touch of Reiki. Her classes are suitable for all ages and levels, with an emphasis on promoting balance between strength and flexibility, loving and accepting our bodies, finding peace within our minds.