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Top 5 Gifts for the Yogini

Top 5 Gifts for the Yogini

Looking for the perfect gift for your yoga buddy? We’ve got you covered!

Eye Pillow

A simple, yet thoughtful gift for any yogi! The sweet scent of lavender and the heaviness of flaxseed will provide calm and grounding effects. A great way to tune inward through a restorative class or during Savasana after a sweaty flow.



4. Essential Oil Blends

Whether it be used as a massage oil, a mat spray, or a perfume – these multipurpose gifts will ignite your yogi pals senses!



Mala Beads

Is the yogi in your life looking to tap into more of the meditative side of things? If so, a set of mala beads is the perfect way to get started. Mala Beads can be used to chant mantras or simply set and intention that you can wear on your heart all day!



2.Mat/ Mat Carrier

Who doesn’t love a fresh mat? Especially one that lasts close to forever like the non-slip B mat, made in Toronto. If your yoga buddy already has a B mat – how about a practical mat carrier to go with it? Stick your keys and wallet in the pouch attached and go! Hassle free, as it should be!






What better yoga gift than yoga itself. I’m sure your friends are intrigued by how great you feel!
Class packages at GoYoga have a 1 year expiry, so no need to worry about time. It defeats the purpose anyway, right?