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300-HR Training

GoYoga 300HR YTT 2020


GoYoga’s 300HR training is a great way to deepen your understanding of yoga overall and also choose what specific areas you want to expand! This 300HR YTT is made up of 5 mandatory weekends and 7 elective weekends. The course runs from the end of January 2020 to the end of June 2020 (depending on which modules you choose.) The courses will be taught by Taylor, Shelley and Leanne.


For graduates of GoYoga 200HR YTT – $ 3200

For other 200HR YTT graduates – $ 3450

If you are looking to do more than the required 7 elective courses, you can add on any other weekend elective modules for $125 (GoYoga Graduates) or $225 (Other graduates) each. If you are interested in taking a couple modules without completing the full 300hr program, you can select from the elective modules. The mandatory modules will be for those completing the entire course. Each elective module is worth 20 hours of teacher training.


Each module runs over a weekend. Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 5pm. Some modules may include some reading, homework, or self study.

Other Requirements:

  • Complete 30 classes over the 5 months. You will have an unlimited pass to GoYoga.
  • Plan and teach a workshop!


  • January 18 + 19: Advanced Sequencing with Taylor Mandatory

This module is all about the sacred architecture of a class. We will learn different types of sequencing, and how to develop a class for mixed levels.

  • Techniques for guiding students simply through more complex flows
  • Mandala and Peak-Pose sequencing
  • Incorporating Mudras
  • Balanced yoga class vs. area specific yoga class
  • Class development based on case study


  • February 1 + 2: Pranayama + Meditation 2.0 with Shelley Mandatory

Integrate Mindfulness, Meditation and Pranayama into your practice and teachings.

  • Pranayama + Meditation for dosha balancing
  • Connecting pranayama to the bandhas
  • A clearer understanding of meditation
  • Meditation + science


  • February 15 + 16: Refining Asana + Alignment with Taylor Mandatory

Learn to teach basic asana and advanced asana with precision. This module is part of Leslie Kaminoff’s Asana Course

  • Appropriate counter poses
  • Poses in Sanskrit
  • Fine tune YOUR asana
  • Contraindications for asana


  • February 29 + March 1 + 7 + 8: Anatomy 2.0 (2 weekends) with Taylor Mandatory

Authors Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews share a holistic approach integrating anatomy, asana, ancient philosophies and modern science.

  • Joint + Muscle actions
  • Breath centred approach to anatomy
  • Pain + Sensation
  • Asana Analysis


  • March 21 + 22: Yin with Leanne – Elective

Learn how to teach a basic Yin class. In this module we’ll review some of the core Yin poses – and then you’ll practice teaching them!

  • Cueing
  • Modifications and Contraindications
  • Overview of connective tissue


  • March 28 + 29: Restorative and Hot Stone Restorative with Taylor – Elective

Learn the grounding benefits of hot stone massage and how to pamper your students through restorative relaxation asana.

  • Preparation and safety
  • Placement for all body types
  • Hot stone sequence + appropriate poses
  • Holding space through hectic times


DATE TBD: The 8 Limbs with Taylor – Elective

Dive deeper into the 8 limbs and the tools that lead to a meaningful and purposeful life.

  • The practice of 8 limbs
  • Exploring each limb and their connection to yoga, meditation and pranayama
  • Incorporating the 8 limbs into your class


  • DATE TBD: Sacred 108 with Taylor – Elective

108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and yoga. This module will explain the significance of 108 and how to infuse it into your classes.

  • Understanding 108
  • All about cycles
  • Format for running a 108 Sun Sal class + Participation
  • What are Mala beads? Why are they important?
  • Make your own Mala beads based on intention


  • DATE TBD: Fine Tune Hands on Adjustments with Leanne – Elective

Understand and offer precise adjustments that are perfectly suited to the needs of individuals.

  • Tips for building confident adjustments
  • Anatomically based adjustments
  • Understanding boundaries


  • May 9 + 10: Effective Cueing with Taylor – Elective

Keep your dialog simple and effective. Learn know how much to say, when to say it and when it might be more important to keep quiet and hold the space.

  • Discover transformational cues
  • How to use less words more effectively
  • Words that lead to self-empowerment
  • The value of silence


  • TBD (either last weekend in May or first weekend in June): with Taylor Finding your authentic voice – Elective

This module will explain how to teach effortlessly from a place of truth to express who you are as a teacher.

  • Unique elements that embrace your style
  • Journaling + Vision board
  • Setting a tone for your class
  • Music + Ambience to express you!


  • June 13 + 14: The Business of Yoga Workshops, Privates, Retreats with Shelley – Elective

Creating and organizing workshops, privates and retreats is a lot of work! This module will teach you tips and tricks to make the planning seamless and the event successful.

  • Identify + cater to your target audience
  • Effective marketing
  • Cost + pricing your events
  • Case study – plan from A to Z